February 6, 2016

#LevelUpYourRice with #DonaMariaRice: Recreating our Japanese Food experience!

In 2013, we brought our eldest son, Miguel, with us on a memorable trip to Japan. Japan is such a lovely country, and for my family, the highlights of this trip were: (1) Cherry Blossoms, (2) Mt. Fuji, (3) Snow, (4) Temples, and of course, (5) THE FOOD!

Cherry Blossoms
Mt. Fuji
Minakita Kogen Ski Resort

Golden Pavilion
Japan has great food selection from Tonkatsu, Ramen, Rice toppings to Kobe beef and Fried Rice. Most of their dishes are best paired with Rice. And as we all know, the Japanese knows best when it comes to their rice. They only use premium, high quality grain for their rice dishes.

Pork Tonkatsu
Rice Topping
Wakkoqu Kobe Beef
Fried Rice
Ever since that trip, I've been looking for the same high grade rice here in the Philippines. Fortunately, I've found one with Dona Maria Premium Quality Rice. Dona Maria Rice has grains that are white and whole, clear signal of high quality. And when you cook it, you can smell the fragrant aroma and see the right texture and fluffiness. 
Dona Maria Premium Quality Rice is one of the leading rice brands in the country. It has five  variants—Jasponica, Jasponica Brown, Miponica, Miponica Brown, and Jasponica Plus rice. Jasponica is a variety that combines the aroma of Jasmine rice and the excellent eating quality of Japanese rice while Miponica has the unique texture of Milagrosa and Japanese rice. The brown rice varieties are healthy and rich in nutrients such as dietary fiber, vitamin B complex, magnesium, and selenium. Jasponica Brown possesses a nutty and chewy texture whereas Miponica Brown is soft and full to the bite.
What makes the brand unique from the other brands is it is the only rice brand in the Philippines who does all the process from planting, harvesting, milling, packing, and distribution. Not only is it proudly Philippine-made, its quality is compatible with imported rice. Grown in the choicest farmlands and having the best rice breeding technology in the Philippines, SLAC ensures the quality and benefits of its rice.
Since we really miss our Japan food experience, I made Chahan or Japanese Fried Rice for my kids. I used Dona Maria Jasponica White Rice, and paired it with Chicken Yakitori. 
Naturally fragrant with a deliciously soft texture, Doña Maria Jasponica variety combines the wonderful aroma of Jasmine rice and the excellent eating quality of Japanese rice. Indulge in an all new experience of eating rice as you expose yourself to the fragrance and hi-grade texture enveloped in each bite. Ideal for congee, fried rice, garlic rice, or just plain rice, Jasponica Rice is a standout in every meal. Available in 300g, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, and 25kg.

Chahan (Japanese Fried Rice)
Chahan and Chicken Yakitori

My kids loved it! I will share my recipe on my next post.

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