May 13, 2016

Aozora Japanese Cafe + Bistro: Great Japanese Food in Tagaytay

We celebrated our Anniversary dinner in Aozora. It's a nice Japanese restaurant on the 2nd floor of Domicillo.
Aozora (Blue Sky) Japanese Restaurant + Bistro - the place where your taste meets the sky. A perfect ambiance for those who crave for extraordinary food in an ultimate dining place. It's a glorious experience, to be eating gourmet authentic Japanese food under the canopy of majestic sky.

Here's our mandatory couple's picture. We looked so fresh after our massage! Hahaha!

April 10 was the Vice Presidential debate. We contiuned watching it at the restaurant.

We started with Aozora Iced Tea, it's made of Pandan, Mint Leaf, Lemongrass and Cucumber. I loved the Salad. Deep-frying the Crabstick was a good idea! Oh, and the veggies were Organic.
Aozora Iced Tea
Aozora Salad
Chef Seiji Kamura is the Head Chef. He used to be the Executive of Tsukiji. That explained why the food was great. For main course, we got Chicken Teriyaki and Beef Sukiyaki.  The Chicken was so tender and flavorful. And the Beef Sukiyaki was perfect for the weather. We finished the entire serving. 
Chicken Teriyaki

Beef Sukiyaki

We enjoyed our Anniversary in Aozora. If you're looking for authentic Japanese Restaurant in Tagaytay, head on to Aozora!

Aozora Japanese Cafe + Bistro
2/F Domicillo Hotel
Km. 58 Gen. E. Aguinaldo Highway
Tagaytay City, Cavite
0915-5038800 or 0906-3501704


  1. So while it's true that the people make an event (and the people definitely made any event!) this space definitely adds a different dimension to it. Went to LA venues here for an evening event and I was really impressed.