April 8, 2016

Spicebird: The best Piri-piri in Boracay (and the Philippines)!

I can't seem to concentrate writing this post. The food was really, really yummy! I want to visit Boracay soon for Spicebird!!!

Anyway, let me focus on my review. Spicebird is located at D'Mall, behind the Roller Coaster. If you get lost, just ask! Don't settle for other restaurants if you haven't tried Spicebird.

Their menu has limited choices. What we did was to try them all! Hahaha!

We started with drinks (Mango & Mint and (Calamansi & Rose Syrup) and appetizers. The Piri-piri Chicken Skin is A MUST ORDER!!! We had it for appetizer then ordered another one. It's good to eat it with the main dish, together with the rice.

Piri-piri Chicken Skin
For the Piri-piri boards, they have Chicken, Pork and Shrimps. We tried all three! I loved their house-made sauces! My personal favorite is mixing the Hotbird Sauce with Garlic & Lime! 
Piri-piri Chicken Board
Piri-piri Pork Board
Piri-piri Shrimp Board

Make room for desserts! The Double Happiness Sundae is TO DIE FOR!!! Don't miss ordering it!

Calamansi Cheesecake
Double Happiness

I can't wait for my next Boracay trip!!! I want to visit Spicebird again!!!

Spicebird Piri-piri Grill
Unit 108 D'Mall Plaza, Boracay Island, Philippines

April 5, 2016

Doña Maria's #LevelUpYourRice Instagram Promo Winners

We finally have the winners for Doña Maria's #LevelUpYourRice Instagram Promo! There were hundreds of entries. Instagrammers all over the Philippines shared how Doña Maria Premium Quality Rice enhanced their dining experience with their loved ones.

Congratulations to the winners!!!

The 9 Minor winners are:

The 3 Major winners are:

Winners may check https://www.facebook.com/donamariarice/?fref=nf for more details on claiming the prizes.

Thanks to all who took the time making the amazing dishes and sharing their wonderful moments and experiences leveling up their rice with Doña Maria!