August 24, 2014

Ramen Yushoken

Ramen Yushoken opened Q4 of 2012. Since then, this is our go-to place for great Ramen in the South! After nearly 2 years of operation, the place is still always full.  This is the usual scene during a weekend dinner - long line of diners waiting for their turn.  The place is small but service is swift so there's fast turnover of diners.

Their placemat serves as the menu.  Dish offerings are limited to Ramen and side dishes. No desserts.

We would usually order these Ramen with gyoza. Tantan-Men is my favorite!

Shoyu Ramen
Shio Ramen
The kids would normally order Karaage and Chahan. This restaurant doesn't have spoon and fork so kids would try hard to use chopsticks and soup spoon.

They don't allow take-outs.  As advised, "if you want to eat ramen at home, we recommend instant noodles."

Ramen Yushoken
Molito Mall
Madrigal Avenue, Alabang

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