August 23, 2014

L'eau Vive

After 13 years working for an FMCG along UN Avenue, this was the first time I dined at Leau Vive.  This French restaurant is walking distance from my office and being ran by French missionaries. 

Food is a bit pricey.  But it felt good to know that proceeds are being used to fund their programs. The head nun got our orders.  She also recommended some of the dishes.  The other nun can't speak English.  She just refilled our glasses with water.  We started with some appetizer and salad.

Bread with Mousse de foie de volaille (Chicken liver pate)
Salad Cesar
For main course, we ordered 4 different dishes for sharing. Food was good, serving size was enough for 1 person (per order).

Tournedos Rossini (Beef Tenderloin, mousse de foie, mushroom and red wine)
Filet de beauf a l'Imperial (Beef fillet, white wine, provincial herbs and cream)

Roulades de poulet champignons a la creme

Gambas a la facon des iles au safron (prawns, spinach, bananas and saffron)
We were so excited with desserts. It was good that we ended our meal with these great desserts. Loved the profiteroles!

Profiteroles au chocolat chaud

Champignon glace des montagnes
Crepe au chocolat
L'eau Vive
1499 Paz Mendoza Guanzon Avenue
Paco Manila
(+63 2)563-8558, (+63 2) 563 8559

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