August 9, 2014

Old Swiss Inn

Another great restaurant near our office, Old Swiss Inn.  True to its name, the restaurant is really old. Lifted from their website:
"Our Paco branch is the nostalgic favorite. Still located in its original building where Emil Landert started it, Old Swiss Inn Paco is in the ground floor of the Garden Plaza Hotel & Suites, 1030 Belen St., right beside Paco Park."
If you want to have great steak near our office, this is the restaurant I can recommend. My former boss loves to go here - he is actually a loyalty card holder! I can't remember when was the last time I ate here.  But when we came back, it's still the same old, Old Swiss Inn. They have revised their menu though, good job!

They served us with free bread.  We also ordered salad.

Classic Caesar Salad

For main course, we ordered pasta, salmon, corned beef and steak! They will also give you free rice, cooked in steak drippings! Yummy!

Shrimp and Bacon Pasta

King Salmon

Fresh Corned Beef

US Black Angus Prime Rib

For desserts, we ordered chocolate fondue and Toblerone cheesecake!

Classic Toblerone Chocolate Fondue

Toblerone Cheesecake

Old Swiss Inn
G/F Garden Plaza Hotel & Suites
1030 Belen St. Paco Manila
5213002, 5262739, or 5224835 loc 113 or 331

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  1. Hi! Im pushing my luck! But do they still have the choco crinkles with toblerone gooey in the middle? Thanks!