December 27, 2015

Beyond Manila Bites: Food Crawl and Mobile Photography Workshop

So happy to be part of Beyond Manila Bites - a food crawl and mobile photography workshop. The trip to QC from Alabang last December 21 was worth it! This was my first time to join a food crawl in Teacher's Village. It should have started at 10am but we were all watching the final part of Ms. Universe. It was a great day indeed, met new friends, enjoyed the food, learned new things and Philippines won as 2015 Ms. Universe!

First stop was Angus Tapa Centrale. Just by their name, one can decipher that their specialty is Tapa. And because I love spicy food, Hot N Spicy U.S. Angus Beef Tapa was my favorite. Loved, loved, loved it! They also have Spam and Cheese Rolls - I liked how they've use the can of Spam to hold the rolls. Other dishes we've tried were Tapa Bagel, Philly Cheesesteak, Angus Beef Pasta, Ribs and Frozen Mango/Banoffee Brazo de Mercedes.  There will be a separate full post on Angus Tapa Centrale.
Image by Carina Marie Castillo
Hot N Spicy US Angus Beef Tapa
Image by Carina Marie Castillo
Image by Carina Marie Castillo
Spam and Cheese Rolls
We moved to our 2nd stop, Kaiku. It's a Filipino-Spanish restaurant. Their main business is catering and they have this restaurant as their "showroom" for those who want to try their food. For this food crawl, they've prepared the following: Paella, Pasta, Shrimp Sinigang, Crispy Pata, Pork Belly Binagoongan, Beef Salpicao, Chicken in a Basket, Bicol Express, Peri-peri Chicken and Turrones with Coco Jam. There will be a separate full post on Kaiku.
Image by Carina Marie Castillo
Image by Carina Marie Castillo
Image by Carina Marie Castillo

We also got to try to these healthy, interesting and yummy salads from Silly Salads!

Next stop was Chef Mo's Ribhouse. Their specialty are: Peppered, Hickory Smoked and BBQ Ribs. Too bad we weren't able to try the Hickory Smoked (maybe next time). My personal favorite was the Peppered Ribs. We also got to try their Burger, Carbonara and Salmon Wellington. There will be a separate full post on Chef Mo's.
Peppered Ribs
Last stop was Catabolic Cafe! I loved the ambience of this place. Everything was pinterest-worthy. Food was interesting and yummy. They served us the Bibingka Waffle (very timely for the Holiday Season), Chicken and Waffle, and the Pares Rice with Crispy Tadyang! For coffee, I ordered the Flat White. There will be a separate full post on Catabolic Cafe.
Bibingka Waffle and Flat White Coffee
Pares Rice with Crispy Tadyang
We also got goodies from Lotsa Pizza, The Coolist, Sashy Brew, Gold Stack PH, Nipa Brew, Coco Natura and Salata PH.
Image by Raphaela Gomez
Bibingka Pizza

Thank you so much, ForkSpoonManila for organizing this great event! Congratulations, Alexis Deocaris and Joan Mu! And thank you also, Ezra Antonio for teaching us the basics of Food Styling and Photography! Hoping to learn more from you soon!
Image by Raphaela Gomez
I will prepare my tummy for the next ForkSpoonManila's Food Crawl!!!

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