October 30, 2014

Lunch at Casa Roces

UPJMA invited me to be their speaker on 360 Brand Activation.  Wanting to give back to my Alma Mater, I said yes. It was so nice to be back in UP and seeing the faces of these College students. On our way back to the office, we decided to eat lunch in Casa Roces.  It's our HR's favorite restaurant, maybe due to proximity?

I was so hungry, I ordered Pork Stew Binagoongan.  Can't go wrong with this dish - Crunchy pork belly with string beans and cherry tomatoes sauteed in shrimp paste.

Pork Stew Binagoongan
It didn't disappoint me! My HR colleague, being a frequent diner, order these:
Oven-baked Salmon Wellington
Bulalo Steak A La Pobre
For desserts, we ordered these:
Malacanan Frozen Souffle
I will definitely be back to try their other dishes, probably with my team!

Casa Roces
1153 JP Laurel cor Aguado st.
San Miguel, Manila
+632 735-5896