September 27, 2014

My Sizzling Lunch at Bene after nearly 20 years!

One of our batchmate went home from US and enrolled her kid in Bene, now San Beda Alabang.  She posted her #trending Sizzling meal on Facebook that made everyone craving for it.  Went back to Bene with my batchmate, Abbie.  We arrived early, the canteen was still empty.

We went straight to the sizzling station.  I don't recall having these display back in the day.

With so much excitement, we ordered for Sizzling Pork Tenderloin. In the early 90s, this costs 35 pesos.  Now, it's 75 pesos per order.
Sizzling Pork Tenderloin
 On the same counter are the BBQs. I remember that this was paired before with Java rice.  Looked yummy! I ordered one.

This was my Sizzling Plate with BBQ and extra gravy (for 10 pesos)! After nearly 20 years, the taste didn't change! We were so satisfied. Ang sarap-sarap!!! 

Then the kids arrived.  It was their integration day so they weren't in uniform. Well, we thought we blended well with them. Hahaha!

On the way out, we saw the pasta station.  Lasagna was also a big hit back then.  I need to try it when I go back.

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