June 3, 2014

Perfect Pint: Craft Beer, Fine Food

Perfect Pint is a new gastro pub in BGC. It is located on the building beside the Starbucks with drive-thru, just above Recovery Food. After my son's soccer practice at British School of Manila, our co-parents invited us to have early dinner here. The place was almost full when we got there before 7pm. As expected, the place has the "pub" vibe with just enough lights, bar, TVs, music and beer displays.  Most of the customers here are from the nearby offices.

On their menu, it says, "Craft Beer, Fine Food." They have Filipino dishes with twists.  Since they just opened last April 28, the waitress said they still don't have any salad... I take it as a sign not to go on a diet for our dinner. Hahaha! Since my son was so hungry, we asked the very accommodating waitresses for Chicken dishes for kids.  Unfortunately, they only have spicy chicken dishes. So my son opted for the steak instead.  Then I saw the bacon dish, I ordered this just in case my son won't like his steak.

The bacon arrived early. As a bacon lover, I was in heaven with this dish. Perfectly crispy deep fried bacon - and it came with a special sauce that gave it a crispy pata feel. 

Heap of Fresh Bacon with House Pickles
My son was munching on the bacon when his order arrived. The Steak and Eggs were served in a hot pan. I love the presentation although it takes a lot of space on our table.  The steak was flavorful and cooked medium well. It came with Demi Glace sauce.  My son finished this dish all by himself! 

Steak and Eggs
My husband ordered this beer sampler. I loved the concept that you can try 4 different flavors of beer with just one order. All are locally brewed, the best for me was Pivo Dark (rightmost).

We paired the beers with the Salpicao.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take a picture of this yummy dish since it was located at the far side of the table. This dish is a must-try. The salpicao was cooked deliciously topped with garlic bits.

Insanely Garlic Salpicao
And here's the Pizza we ordered.  It's not as stinky as the name would imply. I loved the cheese combination.  I just hope that the crust would be more crispy-thin...

Stinky 5 Cheese Pizza
Our co-parents ordered these.  I'm not a fan of Crispy Pata and Pork Cheeks so I really didn't taste these dishes.  But looking at how they "pigged out," I would assume that they liked them.

Crispy Pig Knucle with Mango Salsa and Tom Yum Dip
Kapal Muks with House Pickles
I also ordered the Buffalo Wings. The waitress asked me if I wanted it Original or just Asian (i.e. sweet and spicy). With the tone of her voice, she was insisting on the Asian style.  Even though I love spicy food, I opted for the waitress' suggestion. When the dish I arrived, I tried it right away.  Boy, she was right! Good thing I ordered the "milder one." Wow, sobrang anghang na ng Asian style!  I can't imagine how spicy the original is! I almost finished this dish. Drank a lot of beer to lessen the spicyness in my mouth!

Buffalo Wings
I would recommend this gastro pub to friends or office mates who want to enjoy craft beer with good food! Average price per dish would be around P250-P300, a bit reasonable given the quality.  A pint of craft beer costs around P220 (P150 for a 330ml glass), a bit pricey but I guess this is due to the novelty. I hope they would expand their menu to more chicken dishes and salad selections! I would also like to try their Oyster two ways and Mussels with Beer next time!

The Perfect Pint
2F Crossroads, 32nd st, Bonifacio Global City
+632 823 1320

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