May 9, 2014

Stockton Place

My husband and I wanted to try Stockton Place for our Anniversary dinner date.  They have 2 dinner batches, 6:30pm and 8:30pm. Since I'm used to eating dinner early, we opted for the 6:30pm schedule.  With smooth traffic from our office, we arrived early that day. Along Salcedo st, the restaurant is to your right. Parking is along the street. Here's their menu.

We started with our hot tea.

Green Tea
For soup and salad, we ordered Mushroom soup and the Sirloin salad.  They will pour the soup into your bowl.  We just ordered one, split into 2 bowls.

Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup
Since we didn't order their steak, we were able to enjoy it still through Sirloin Salad. The steak is a perfect addition to the salad.  I also liked the fried onion rings on top of it. There is a perfect balance of taste - steak, onion and arugula!

Pan Roasted Sirloin Steak
For the pasta, we ordered the Clam Linguine.  What's interesting with this dish is that their pasta looks like instant noodles.  I loved the texture of the pasta complemented by the yummy sauce.  Would love if they would give me more clams on the side. Hehehe!

Clam Linguine
For main course, I ordered Seared Scallops then my husband ordered Poached Chicken. Oh I loved the Seared Scallops.  The caramelized tomato tart was great! It was so yummy, perfect for the Seared Scallops.  I tried the Poached Chicken, it was also good.  For chicken skin lover, I'm sure you will love the thin-crisp chicken skin on top of the dish.

Seared Scallops

Poached Chicken
For dessert, I wanted to try their Cheesecake but opted for Chocolate, Peanut and Caramel since it had good reviews from other foodies.

Chocolate, Peanut and Caramel

If you plan to eat here, please make sure to reserve beforehand. The restaurant has limited seating capacity.

Stockton Place
227 Salcedo Street
Legaspi Village, Makati
+63 917 8561419

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