May 11, 2014

Bamba - "Not your average bistro by the corner"

My friends and I love to try new restaurants. Good thing they were willing to travel down South (on a Friday night) just to try Bamba Bistro in BF Homes. Here's a photo of Bamba during daytime.  The restaurant is right beside Sinagtala Village.

Some of us arrived early.  Looking at their menu, they have a lot of interesting dishes --- what you would normally see in fine dining restaurants.

We started with Soup and Salads.

Foie Gras Salad
I'm not a fan of Foie Gras but this salad tasted good!  For me and my husband, we ordered Bistro St. Salad. I liked the perfect balance of steak, onions, walnuts and bleu cheese.  We also ordered French Onion Soup.

Bistro St. Salad
French Onion Soup
We also ordered these appetizers.  Love the Artichoke!

Artichoke Crostini
Huevos Flamencos
Then our friends arrived and they ordered the Mussels.  Even though I was already full, I was able to finish this dish for them. Loved the Chorizo Cream. Hehehe! Sarap with hot sauce!

For Pasta, our friends ordered the Duck Ravioli --- super rich porcini mushroom cream sauce with truffle oil, delicious! Better for sharing!

Duck Ravioli
For Main Course, we ordered the Grilled Prawns with Roasted Tomato risotto. Oh, I love this dish!!! Then our friends ordered the Tacos, Tapa and Baby Back Ribs.

Grilled Prawns
Surf N Turf Tacos
Steak Ala Manila
Baby Back Ribs
We're already super full but we would still like to try their desserts.  So we ordered these:

What's My Name Again?
Pizzookie was really good, we ordered 2! 

I will definitely go back to Bamba. I would like to try the same dishes again (and the other best sellers we've missed --- e.g. sliders).  


We went back last July 8 to celebrate my birthday.  The kids didn't go with us anymore. Upon arriving, we were surprised to see the place full. We didn't expect it on a Tuesday.  My husband didn't reserve so what we got was an al fresco table. I was a bit full from my merienda treat so we didn't order that much.  We had the Bistro St. Salad for starter and for main course, I ordered the Scallops and my husband ordered the Tenderloin Steak.

Pan-Fried Scallops
Grilled Tenderloin
For dessert, we ordered Pizzookie. They also surprised me with a mini Birthday Cake! Thank you, Bamba! Til our next dining experience!

Bamba Bistro
55 Aguirre Ave cor Arsenio Luz
BF Homes, Paranaque
+632 5197097

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